Difficulty: Easy

Number of steps: 3

Time commitment: 15 Minutes

Step 1: Setting up a wallet (skip if you already have one)

While POAPs can be collected with just an email address, we always recommend that you mint (see the POAP Glossary) the POAPs that you collect so that they are stored safely and securely within a wallet that you own. For this, we tend to recommend Metamask due to its versatility, but any wallet that supports WalletConnect and Gnosis chain will work.

If you choose to use Metamask, head to their website on your desktop/laptop or mobile device to download the extension, or the application respectively. We'd recommend getting started on mobile as you'll most typically encounter POAPs out in the wild when you're away from your desktop.

Continue with the Metamask setup procedure until your wallet has been created. As the app/extension mentions, you'll want to keep your recovery phrase as safe and secure as possible - if that is lost or stolen, your entire collection of POAPs & precious memories will be lost as well.

Once your wallet has been created, copy your ETH address by clicking/tapping on the part below (note, your address will be different than the one shown here):

Step 2: Minting a POAP

With your eth address copied, whenever you are given a POAP to claim you will simply enter/paste your eth address into the box on the POAP minting page:

To make this faster/easier, you can use the official POAP app (iOS | Android) to mint POAPs to your wallet without the need to enter your ETH address each time. If the POAP is distributed with a Secret Word (see the POAP Glossary), you'll have to use the POAP app to mint. To see how to set up the app, follow our guide here.

Step 3: Viewing your collection

To view your POAP collection, head over to the POAP Scanner and connect your wallet or enter your ETH address there.

If you take a moment to set up the POAP app (iOS | Android) however, you can view your collection as easily as opening the app on your phone - no browser needed! To see how to set up the app, follow our guide here.

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