Difficulty: Easy

Number of steps: 3

Time commitment: 5 Minutes

Step 1: Open the POAP app

If you do not yet have the app installed and set up, follow our guide here: How To Install and Set Up the POAP Mobile App

Step 2: "Mint +"

In the bottom right, tap on the "Mint +" button to view the available minting options.

There are several different options to choose from, depending on how distribution was set up by the POAP issuer.

Step 3: Select the correct method to mint your POAP

Secret word:

If you were provided with a Secret word or phrase, you'll want to select "Secret word" and enter it exactly as provided; Secret words are case sensitive!

Scan QR:

If a QR code is displayed at the event, you may use this function to scan the QR to mint the POAP.

Note: some devices do not cooperate with this feature of the app and will need to use their default camera application to scan the QR and mint the POAP.

Enter code:

If you were provided with a mint link you may enter the last 6 characters of the URL here to mint the POAP. Although this option is provided, it's more common (and easier) to simply open/follow the URL to mint your POAP within a browser or be automatically redirected to the app for minting.

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