Difficulty: Easy

Number of steps: 6

Time commitment: 15 Minutes

Step 1: Enable NFC on your phone

Navigate to your phone settings and ensure that NFC is enabled. Note: your settings page likely will not look the same as the one below:

Step 2: Tap your phone on the NFC device

After tapping your phone to the NFC device, you'll be taken to a webpage where you will be asked to connect a mobile or desktop wallet in order to claim the "device ownership" NFT (on Polygon).

Choose whichever connection method is easiest for you and continue to the next step.

Step 3: Visit the IYK* admin page

Navigate to https://iyk.app/admin and connect the wallet that holds the device-ownership NFT you received in the previous step.

On the page that follows, you will see the IYK* device(s) for which your wallet holds ownership:

Step 4: Add a drop to the IYK* admin panel

Click on the "Events" tab and upload the links.txt file for the drop you'd like to connect.

Note: if you do not yet have a links.txt file, you'll need to first create a drop and request mint links during setup. After your drop is positively reviewed by the POAP Curation Body, you'll receive a links.txt file via email.

After the links.txt file is uploaded, you will see your drop in the Events tab.

Step 5: Select which drop you'd like to connect to this device

Now click back to the "Items" tab and click on the device you'd like to link to an event:

On the popup that opens, click on the dropdown box that currently says "Claimable" and select "POAP."

Next, click on the Event dropdown and select which event you'd like to link to this device, then click Save.

Step 6: Give it a test!

Tap your phone on the device again. You should be brought to a POAP claim page where you will be asked to enter an email or ETH address to reserve or mint the POAP. Note: this action will use up one of your mint links even if no email or ETH address is entered to reserve/mint the POAP.

Bonus: Ran out of mint links to distribute?

Simply request more mint links on your drop edit page https://app.poap.xyz/admin/events/{DROP_ID}, wait for the POAP Curation Body approval email, and return to Step 4.

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