Difficulty: Easy

Number of steps: 4

Time commitment: 5 Minutes

Step 1

To begin, navigate to the POAP Kiosk page and click the "Create QR dispenser" button on the lower left-hand side of the page.

Step 2

Upload the links.txt file containing your mint links, which you should have received after your drop petition was reviewed by the POAP Curation Body. If you have not yet set up a drop, you can do so by following our guide: How Do I Set Up a POAP Drop?

Step 3

On the page that follows, you'll see that the information from your drop has been pulled in automatically.

Enter your email in the bottom field and click "Create event with 15 codes" to continue.

Note: you will be asked to confirm the event details in a popup window (shown below). Press "OK" to continue.

Step 4

Once the next page loads, you will see two fields, each containing a link. The first link takes you to the page that displays your single-use QR codes in sequential order as they are scanned. Please note: sharing this link directly with collectors, or embedding the link directly on a website, is not a proper use of this distribution method. You should only share the QR codes on the page (not the URL) via a device (for in-person events) or a screenshare (for online livestreams).

The second link takes you back to this edit page at any time, where you may retrieve the link mentioned above or delete the QR dispenser altogether. This link should also never be shared with the public.

If you follow the first link, you see the following pages:

Select the mode of operation that corresponds to your particular event, and you will see the following page where users can scan your QR codes sequentially:

Congrats!! Your POAP Kiosk is all set up and ready to distribute!!

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