This article lists some of the most popular third-party POAP tools available. The tools on this page were not created by POAP and are not maintained by the POAP team. They are all subject to change with little notice and we are not responsible for any issues that may arise from their use. Guides for these products are created and maintained by the owners of each respective product, but we will do our best to provide links to these documents below.


Bankless DEGEN bot:


Allows for automated distribution of POAPs to attendees of Discord stages or Twitter Spaces. Simply add the bot to your Discord server to gain access to a number of commands, allowing you to easily set up POAP drops, request mint links, distribute POAPs, etc.



The POAP Distribution Commands and Workflow

[Discord] How to use DEGEN to monitor attendance and send out POAP links

Decentraland POAP dispenser:


Allows issuers to set up a dispenser in Decentraland that will automatically distribute POAPs to each attendee of an event.


Exclusive channel access/permissions:

Collab.Land Discord bot:


Allows you to select roles and permissions to users on Discord and Telegram according to which tokens (POAPs, in this case) they hold.


Getting Started

Discord Bot Walkthrough

Medusa Discord bot (created by the Agora Space Team):


Allows you to create "guilds" within your Discord channel that provide custom roles and permissions. After adding the Guilds page, this works similar to the Collab.Land bot. The Guilds page also displays the addresses of token holders for each guild that you and/or others have set up.


Guild website

Guild Guide

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