Difficulty: Easy

Number of steps: 3

Time commitment: 5-10 Minutes

Step 1

Navigate to POAP.vote and click the "Create Poll" button on the left side of the page.

Step 2

On the page that follows, fill in the details of the poll/survey/proposal with as much information as possible. You will not be able to edit these details after the POAP.vote page has been created.

Some notes:

  • The Title is the name that can be used to search and find your poll on the https://poap.vote/ webpage.

  • The Description is where you'll fill in details such as the reason for the poll, a brief description of each of the options, etc.

  • Poll Options is where you will begin entering each of the different items on which you'd like your users to vote. There is no limit to the number of options you may provide.

  • The Valid Events section is where you will select which POAPs you'd like to make eligible for voting. If a collector holds one or more of these POAPs, they will be able to vote in the poll with a number of ballots equal to the number of qualifying POAPs that they hold. Later, the results may be reviewed in terms of total unique voters, versus total votes to reflect this added functionality. For more information, please see our article: What Is POAP.vote?

  • End Date and Time simply sets the time when voters will no longer be able to place their vote and the final results will be tallied.

Step 3.

Once complete, click "Create Poll →" at the bottom of the page. Your poll will now be created, and you will be redirected to the POAP.vote page for the poll that you may share, as desired. From this point until your specified end date/time, users who hold the eligible POAP(s) may vote on this poll.

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