Disclaimer: This guide was created at the request of some users, but it is not recommended by POAP, as it requires you to continually add each individual POAP that you collect. This also cannot be done on the desktop (browser extension) version of MetaMask

If you'd like an easier way to view and keep track of your collection, please see this article here.

Difficulty: Easy/Intermediate

Number of steps: 4

Time commitment: 15 Minutes

POAPs are available both on Ethereum Mainnet as well as on the Gnosis Chain (previously xDai) network. In this section, you will learn how to view your POAPs on both chains inside of MetaMask.

By default, POAPs are minted to the Gnosis Chain, so you will likely need to add the Gnosis Chain network to MetaMask before beginning.

Adding Gnosis Chain network to MetaMask‌:

In order to see your POAPs on Gnosis Chain, you will have to add the network to Metamask.‌

Step 1.

Open the MetaMask app or browser extension and navigate to Settings Networks, and tap/click on Add Network.

Step 2.

On the next page, you'll enter the below details:

Step 3.

Go back to your wallet and tap/click on the network selector at the top. Scroll down on the list of networks until you find Gnosis Chain and select it.

Now you'll be able to see all of the tokens (but not NFTs) you hold on the Gnosis Chain network.

Step 4: Adding your POAPs to MetaMask‌

Click on "import tokens" at the bottom of the window.

You will then need POAP's smart contract address (corresponding to the chain your specific POAP is on) and the ID of your token‌.

A) POAP smart contract address:

  • Ethereum Mainnet: 0x22C1f6050E56d2876009903609a2cC3fEf83B415

  • Gnosis Chain: 0x22C1f6050E56d2876009903609a2cC3fEf83B415

B) i] Obtain token ID -- Ethereum Mainnet

  • Go to Etherscan, enter your Ethereum wallet address, and in your profile click the “ERC721 Token Txns

  • Look for the IN transaction where you received the POAP and copy the value in the Token ID column

B) ii] Obtain token ID -- Gnosis Chain

  • Go to Blockscout, enter your wallet address, and in your profile click “Token Transfers

  • Look for the minting transaction and copy the Token ID

After obtaining your token id, you are ready to import your POAP to MetaMask!

Tap “IMPORT” and that’s it! You will be able to see your POAP from the MetaMask mobile app.

To view your other POAPs, you'll need to continue this process for every individual POAP that you've collected/collect in the future.

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