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One or more POAPs in a single Ethereum wallet.

Example: Does he have a collection yet?

Example: That is a nice collection of POAPs.


A person that owns a POAP collection.

Example: I am a POAP collector.

Example: A lot of POAP collectors watched the livestream.


The process by which petitions for POAP drops are reviewed by the POAP Curation Body. POAP is a curated ecosystem. Suitability of event, editorial and production quality, proper distribution, and issuer history are all factors considered by the POAP Curation Body. Please read the latest issuer guidelines for more information, and contribute to the conversation regarding these guidelines on Discourse.


A member of the POAP Curation Body who reviews petitions for drops.


A tool that whitelists Ethereum wallet addresses for minting a particular POAP.

Note: For a full breakdown on POAP distribution methods, see the article POAP Distribution Methods 101.

Example: The NFT project rewarded early adopters with a POAP by using Delivery to set up a whitelist of addresses that had purchased the NFT on the first day.

distribution method

The method by which POAP issuers distribute POAPs at their drop. For a full breakdown on POAP distribution methods, see the article POAP Distribution Methods 101.

Example: For her drop distribution method, she decided to set up a whitelist via Delivery.


Discord is a social media platform. If you wish to join the POAP Discord channel, where collectors, issuers, and POAP fans can gather and discuss all things POAP, please do so via this link.

Example: She just learned about POAP and wanted to find other like-minded, POAP-loving individuals so she joined the POAP Discord channel.


Discourse is a forum where the POAP community can speak directly with the POAP Curation Body.

Example: She had a question about her drop, so she opened a thread on Discourse to speak with the curators.


The act of distributing a POAP to collectors.

Example: Adidas dropped a limited edition POAP in November 2021.

Example: A birthday party is a good reason for a POAP drop.

edit code

The unique code an issuer receives after creating a drop. An issuer must enter their edit code in order to edit the details of their drop.

Example: I received an email with my edit code after creating my drop.

Example: I wanted to update the description of my drop, so I searched for it on the POAP Admin page. Before I could save my changes, I had to input my edit code.


A conference, party, livestream, etc., for which an issuer creates a POAP drop.

Example: She was holding a yoga retreat, so she created a POAP drop for the event.


The act of collecting POAPs from events/activities in which the collector did not actually participate.

Example: Minting a POAP from a Secret word that was leaked within a Discord server.

Example: Minting the same POAP more than once by using multiple wallets.


A malicious actor who attempts to collect POAPs for events/milestones in which they were not actually a participant.

Example: He minted a POAP by scanning a QR code from a screenshot that was shared online for a livestream he did not actually attend.

Example: Someone leaked a Secret, and he inputted it into his POAP app to mint a POAP for a wedding in which he was actually uninvited and not present.


A person/entity that drops a POAP.

Example: Who is the issuer of this POAP?

POAP Kiosk

A tool that allows issuers to distribute POAPs via unique QR codes in an efficient and farming-resistant manner. For a complete explanation, read the explainer article here.

Example: By using the POAP Kiosk, she was able to set up her iPad screen to allow collectors to scan QR codes and receive a POAP; each time the QR code was scanned, a new QR code replaced it and rendered the old one invalid for minting a POAP.


To move a POAP from the Gnosis Chain (previously xDai) network to Ethereum Mainnet.

Note: Migrating a POAP does not transfer a POAP to another wallet address. It simply moves a POAP between networks within an existing wallet address.

Example: In order to list her POAP for sale on OpenSea, she had to migrate it from Gnosis Chain to Mainnet.


To generate and preserve a POAP on the blockchain.

Example: When she scanned the QR code, the POAP was minted to her Ethereum wallet.

Example: After she inputted an Ethereum wallet address into the POAP app, she could see all the POAPs that had been minted to that wallet.

mint link

A unique URL that, when clicked, entitles a collector to mint a single POAP with an Ethereum address or reserve a single POAP with an email address.

Example: I DM’d the POAP issuer and she sent me a mint link.

Example: After the livestream, the POAP issuer gathered the names of attendees and sent them mint links.


The act of submitting a POAP for review to the POAP Curation Body.

Example: She wanted to give out POAPs at her 100th birthday party, so she petitioned the POAP Curation Body to do a drop.

P.O.A.P. (Proof of Attendance Protocol)

The infrastructure that enables the minting and recombination of memories by POAP issuers and POAP collectors. This is a set of smart contracts which, for practical reasons, is currently governed by POAP Inc. P.O.A.P. was established in 2018 by worthalter, gomox_ar, dmf7z, and reneil1337 and grew slowly (and then all at once) through the enthusiastic adoption of issuers and passionate POAP collectors.


A digital record minted using POAP the protocol and under the POAP smart contract at 0x22c1f6050e56d2876009903609a2cc3fef83b415.

Example: Did you get the POAP?

Example: That’s a sweet-looking POAP.

A website that allows collaborative painting on a shared canvas, with painting access provided based on which POAPs one holds in their wallet.

Example: To celebrate their one-year anniversary, the Discord community held a painting part via; those who held specific POAPs from the community were eligible to paint. The final canvas was then minted as an NFT and raffled off via

A tool that can be used by anyone to create raffles only open to holders of specific POAPs.

Example: She decided to reward attendees of her art gallery opening by holding a raffling off 1 ETH via, eligible only to those who held the POAP for the gallery opening.

A tool that allows you to view stats for all public POAP drops.

Example: She was curious which addresses minted her POAP, so she looked up her drop via

A tool that can be used by anyone to create polls, outreach surveys, proposals, and general-purpose votes targeted toward holders of specific POAPs. For a detailed explanation of, see the article What Is

Example: After distributing POAPs to engaged members in a reliable and secure manner, the Discord community decided to hold a gated vote via to determine which members should act as moderators.


POAP Inc is an American company, established in 2021, founded to pursue the mission of establishing P.O.A.P. as a standard for the preservation of digital memories. The company is dedicated to doing whatever it takes to create a world where everyone can preserve their memories using a reliable standard, empowering collectors with true ownership of their digital assets. These activities include developing software and infrastructure for the creation of common public goods on top of P.O.A.P.; incubating products and organizations that we feel would enrich the P.O.A.P. ecosystem; and funding projects and communities aiming to do the same. POAP Inc is an entity with the legal status, operational infrastructure, and organizational structure to be able to tackle the challenges facing the protocol in a systematic fashion, with the ability to steer sharply when the situation requires. In addition to the POAP ecosystem fund (an independent organization that invests in promising POAP community projects), POAP Inc periodically funds products through POAP Ventures, and incubates new ones within POAP Labs. This is all for the benefit of the community.

the POAP Curation Body

The POAP Curation Body establishes guidelines, best practices for drops, and suggestions for issuers on proper behavior in the POAP ecosystem. For a more detailed explanation on the POAP Curation Body, see this Medium post. Please also read the latest issuer guidelines, and contribute to the conversation regarding these guidelines on Discourse.

Example: She petitioned the POAP Curation Body to do a drop.

the POAP smart contract

The POAP smart contract address is 0x22c1f6050e56d2876009903609a2cc3fef83b415 (never refer to only “the smart contract”).

Example: The POAP smart contract enables the minting of POAPs.

power (POAP power)

The POAP power of a specific POAP is calculated as the sum of all POAPs held in wallets that minted that POAP.

Note: On the specific page of a POAP, you can see its total POAP power.

Example: 80 wallets, who each hold 10 POAPs, mint Example POAP XYZ. The POAP power for Example POAP XYZ is 800.


Reserving refers to reserving a POAP with an email address.

Note: Do not use “minting” in connection with email addresses, as POAPs are not actually minted to the blockchain until an Ethereum wallet address is used.

Example: He was new to crypto and didn’t have a wallet set up, so he reserved his POAP with his email address.


A Secret is used to distribute POAPs through the use of an issuer-selected word or phrase that collectors use to mint or reserve a POAP via the POAP app (iOS/Android)

Note: For a full breakdown on POAP distribution methods, see the article POAP Distribution Methods 101.

Example: During a Twitter Space, she told attendees a Secret to input into their POAP mobile app that would allow them to mint or reserve a POAP.


The total mints of a specific POAP.

Note: On the specific page of a POAP, you can see its total supply.

Example: Her POAP was minted 100 times, so its supply was 100.


The process of moving a POAP from one wallet to another.

Note: On the specific page of a POAP, you can see the total number of times that POAP has been transferred.

Example: She wanted to have all her POAPs in one wallet, so she transferred a POAP she had received via airdrop into the wallet where she held the rest of her POAPs.

Example: He accidentally minted a POAP to a wallet he no longer used, so he transferred the POAP to a different wallet.

wallet (or Ethereum wallet)

Software or physical device that stores the history of your transactions on the blockchain, including POAPs minted, cryptocurrency sent/received, etc.

Example: All the POAPs I have minted are held in my Ethereum wallet.

Example: I keep a separate wallet just for my POAPs.


A tool used to distribute POAPs via a customized URL at (which, optionally, may be represented as a QR code).

Note: For a full breakdown on POAP distribution methods, see the article POAP Distribution Methods 101.

Example: She set up a Website to distribute POAPs at the concert.

Terms to NOT use

account: Use wallet or collection

badge(s): If referencing POAP(s), just say POAP(s)

claim/claiming: Use reserve/reserving if reserved with an email; use mint/minting if minted with an Ethereum address

claim code: Use mint link

curatorial body/curation body/curatorial committee/etc.: Use the POAP Curation Body

delivery method: Use distribution method

distribution code: Use mint link

drop request: Use petition

hash: Do not use in context of mint link; use mint link

QR link: Use mint link

secret phrase/secret word: Use Secret

the smart contract: Refer only to the full name “the POAP smart contract”

token(s): If referencing POAP(s), just say POAP(s)

unique link: Use mint link

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