POAP.gallery can be used to track all of the addresses that have claimed a specific POAP. Let's walk through the various ways of getting there!

Option 1: The direct URL

When searching for the POAP.gallery page, you can always simply enter the direct URL in your browser. The only thing you will need to know is the drop ID/number of the POAP. If this is one of your drops, the drop ID can be found in the drop creation email you received after successfully creating your drop.

In order to navigate directly to the POAP.gallery page of a specific POAP, use the information below to craft a URL to enter into your browser.

URL formula:

https://poap.gallery/event/{EVENT NUMBER}

For example, if your event number was 123456 you would navigate to the URL


Once there, you will be able to view a complete list of the collectors who claimed the POAP!

Option 2: Search

Start at the POAP.gallery landing page and use the search bar pictured below to find the specific gallery page of your POAP.

You can search by name of the drop and select it as it pops up. Please note that some drops are private and therefore cannot be found via search.

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