The Issue:

If your POAP drop has not yet been approved, it's likely for one of the below reasons:

  • You have not waited long enough. Drops typically take around 24 hours to be approved.

  • Your drop was not approved for violating one of our curatorial guidelines. Reference our article here for more information: How Can I Produce Quality POAP Drops?

The Solution:

Answered in the order shown above:

  1. If 24 hours have passed without drop approval, submit a petition to the POAP Curation Body via Discourse. To do this, please refer to Step 4 of the article "How Do I Set Up a POAP Drop?"

  2. Please review our article on quality POAP drops for in-depth requirements on creating a quality POAP drop.

The curatorial process is summarized below:

The POAP Curation Body reviews all drop petitions and decides if the event is fit to distribute POAPs.

If your drop does not get approved, it is likely due to one of the following reasons. 👇

  • Your description did not provide enough information.

  • Your artwork was considered subpar/low effort.

  • You requested too many mint links or did not select the appropriate distribution method for your particular use case.

Please make sure to include high-effort artwork, a website link, ask for the number of mint links you will need (no less, no more), and include a detailed description of the event and how you are planning to use POAPs.

Some further advice:

We often say that POAP is a curated ecosystem. Each POAP is a record of the memory shared between collectors and issuers, something precious to be treated with great fondness. Let's talk about the fundamentals of how to make a great POAP.

Designing collectibles is an art and a science: for an item to be coveted, it needs to be created with care. Each POAP has several opportunities to stand out in this regard, from art, to copy and distribution. But the real magic is in the space around these themes.

1. Art

Good art is always customized and unique and respects POAP design requirements. Abiding by guidelines on image size, shape, and resolution ensures the art will render well. Use of color, distinctive style, and referring to the event can all contribute to making a POAP stand out. Curators reviewing drops are always happy when they see particularly nice art, with a credit to the artist and the name and date of the event referenced on the work itself. It's obvious the work is made for collectors, with love.

2. Storytelling

Good copy is the other piece of the storytelling puzzle. A great description reminds the collectors about what happened and why it mattered. Details of the event, the distribution, and what had to happen for the POAP to be earned all play a role.

3. Distribution

Presentation makes all the difference, so consider distribution carefully. A good distribution will make collectors feel special and uniquely recognized by ensuring that POAPs are distributed beautifully, and only to those who earned them. Combining mint links with physical items like patches, pins, or other merchandise is always a nice touch, and can be easy enough if you know a printer who can handle variable data. You can see more here.

4. Most importantly!

A great POAP tells a great story. The best drops are driven by a deep understanding of shared experience and storytelling as the glue that binds communities. They're a way of marking a celebration, and to do a drop well is to know what it means to celebrate.

Every celebration marks a milestone shared by the people who reached it, in recognition of the event's significance. Celebrations are magic created in the space within a community, between everyone who participates in various capacities. They're gifts people give each other.

If you're after pulling off a great POAP drop, approach it with the attitude of giving a gift or throwing a celebration. Create with care, watch the details, and, above all, find an occasion worth commemorating.

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