POAP.gallery is where you can view stats for all POAP drops.

If you are looking for a way to track who has minted a specific POAP, please reference our guide here: How Do I Track Which Addresses Have Minted a Specific POAP?

On the Gallery page (shown above), you may select or search for a POAP drop to view the drop information. When clicked, you'll see the page below:

Data provided on a drop's gallery page includes:

  • Total supply: The total number of POAPs from this drop that have been minted to an Ethereum address.

  • Power: The collective power of all addresses that hold this POAP.

    • The power of an individual Ethereum address is simply a measure of how many POAPs they hold. If an address has collected 10 POAPs, it has a power of 10.

  • Transfers: The total number of addresses that this POAP has touched.

    • In the case above, there are 878 transfers and only 822 in total supply. This indicates that 56 (878 - 822 = 56) other addresses have at one point or another held one of these POAPs, as a result of trading or transferring.

  • Which Ethereum addresses have collected the POAP: Note that email claims are not recorded in this list for security purposes.

    • A .csv file of this list may be downloaded from this page for future community engagement.

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