Before we begin, we recommend reading our article titled "Can I sell my POAPs?" as it breaks down why you may or may not want to sell your POAPs. To quickly summarize, POAPs are not ordinarily meant to be bought & sold; they are supposed to represent proof of an individual's participation in something and serve as a memory of that event for the individual. Of course, we cannot judge somebody for wishing to sell a POAP if it has significant value on a secondary market - nor would we ever prohibit the activity.

Still want to sell?

There are multiple NFT Marketplaces that will allow you to sell your POAPs if desired. In this article we will demonstrate the process on the two most common marketplaces:, for POAPs held on Gnosis Chain (previously xDai), and for POAPs that have been Migrated to Mainnet.


As POAPs are minted on Gnosis Chain by default, you will need to use to list your POAP for sale.

In order to do so, you will need:

  • POAP's smart contract address: 0x22C1f6050E56d2876009903609a2cC3fEf83B415

  • The Token ID of the POAP you wish to list.

To find your Token ID:

Go to Blockscout, enter your Eth address, and click "Token Transfers" on your profile page. Look for the transaction where that POAP was minted and copy the Token ID

When you have found the Token ID of the POAP you wish to sell, head over to, connect your wallet, and hit "Sell".

On this next page, you will enter:

  • the POAP contact address (0x22C1f6050E56d2876009903609a2cC3fEf83B415) where it says "Token address".

  • The Token ID you had found in the previous step.

  • The quantity - always input "1".

  • The price in xDai, the native token of the xDai chain. Please note - 1 xDai == $1 USD.

When ready, click "PREVIEW". After confirming that the data is all correct, you will click on "Confirm your listing" and that will list your POAP.


To list your POAP on, you'll first need to Migrate the POAP to the Ethereum Mainnet. Please see our guide here on how to do so: How do I migrate my POAP to Mainnet?


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