In the future, POAPs can create a new mechanism for social coordination; a self-custodied passport, a resume, and a permanent, unchangeable system of record. Merit-based, self-custodied credentialing opens new possibilities for trust, collaboration, and governance that are increasingly vital in the online, connected world in which we live.

Today, POAPs are used as a digital proof of a collector's attendance or participation in an event. As such, they can be used for anything where you might want to give exclusive access only to verifiable fans/community members.

Some of the most common use cases for this functionality of POAPs are:

  • Access to exclusive merchandise, such as:

    • Band merch for concert attendees only

    • Ability to purchase new/limited merchandise before the general public

  • Participation in polls, outreach surveys, voting/governance, etc.

For a guide on setting up a poll, please see the article: How Do I Set Up a Poll?

  • Access to exclusive future events, such as:

    • Community hangouts with verified community members only.

  • Discounts for repeat attendees, such as:

    • Offering discounts to users who have attended a conference/concert multiple years in a row.

    • Free drinks/meals at venues, similar to a punch card.

  • Access to private Discord channels and chat groups

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