Difficulty: Easy

Number of steps: 3

Time commitment: 5 Minutes


POAP migration is very often mistaken for minting or transferring. Please refer to this article for clarification on these terms: What's the difference between Claiming/Minting/Migrating/Transferring a POAP?

Step 1.

Visit POAP Scan and connect your wallet or input your Ethereum address/ENS name to view your collection.

Step 2.

Once your collection loads, click on the POAP you'd like to migrate. On its information page, scroll to the bottom and click "Migrate POAP."

Step 3.

Sign the transaction with your wallet by clicking "Confirm" IF you are okay with spending the gas + 0.1Ξ fee to fund the transaction.

Also, please note that you must have enough ETH available in your wallet in order to fund the transaction.

Once the transaction completes, your POAP will now be held on Mainnet under the same wallet address as before.

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